The Lost Art

A decade ago, China arrived on the global art scene with deep pockets and an abundance of swagger. Recently, however, China's economic downturn has caused a spate of museums to close and once prominent collectors to sell their collections. Can China ever achieve its dreams of "cultural self-confidence"?

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The Road to Beijing

Fifty years ago, a hand-delivered letter, a clueless ping-pong team and a series of artful signalling efforts led to a U.S.-China breakthrough and a new international order. With the two countries again at a nadir,...


A long line of multinationals are now knocking on India's door. But if there's any chance of them successfully diversifying away from China's highly skilled workforce and well-oiled logistical machine, they'll need to learn from...

The IP Odyssey

For over a decade, China's film industry has passed around and fought over the IP rights for "The Three-Body Problem" for ever-increasing sums of money — a saga that is nearly as complex and drama-filled...