The Great EV Glut

The new U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made EVs are both unprecedented and largely performative since Chinese EVs haven't yet penetrated the U.S. market. The European Union, by contrast, is facing a more critical and nuanced challenge from the influx of Chinese-made EVS and is currently debating what to do about it. Can the E.U. save its auto industry and still keep its green transition going?

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BYD's Big Moment

BYD’s blink-and-you-miss-it expansion in the last three years has blindsided just about everyone. Today it is the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles, the second largest producer of EV batteries, and China’s best selling car...

Tesla Tom

Tom Zhu accomplished Herculean tasks in China for Tesla, including building the company's supercharger network and its Shanghai Gigafactory, which produces more than 80,000 cars a month. But now that Zhu has been promoted to...

China Goes Global — Again

Chinese companies have decided that the best place to make money right now is outside of China. The phenomenon known as chu hai (出海), which translates to “go global,” has taken hold, marking a kind...

Mining's Malaise

Washington’s $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act was seen as a generational opportunity for miners in the U.S. as well as mineral rich trading partners. But almost two years later, the North American mining industry is...