Game Over

The guanxi game has defined China's modern business culture — and no one played it better than Xu Jiayin, the CEO of Evergrande. Now, however, the game seems to have changed on him.

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The Boom-Bust Backlash

From the scandal of Luckin Coffee to the collapse of Didi, big names have dominated the discussion of Chinese companies listing on U.S. exchanges. Now, some analysts say it’s time to look more closely at...

The Missing Mogul

Whitney Duan was one of China's most successful female entrepreneurs. She built multi-billion dollar developments and was closely connected to political elites. But in 2017, she disappeared off the streets of Beijing. Now, her business...

Wind Wars

China is running full steam ahead in pursuit of leadership in the 21st century’s most important global industries. Can Europe keep pace?

Special Delivery

The “super app” Meituan boasts a valuation of $180 billion, trailing only Alibaba and Tencent in the Chinese tech space. But with success and size has come scrutiny.

Biotech’s Borders

Ever since being named a strategic priority in 2015, China’s biotech industry has shown remarkable progress. But in order to achieve their global ambitions, Chinese biotech companies still need one thing: the United States.

China's Shell Game

How China’s offshore companies are registered, and what purpose they serve, has long been misunderstood by analysts and economists. But documents in the Pandora Papers, the offshore documents that were released this weekend by the...