Mining’s Makeover

For more than a decade, the U.S. has been sounding the alarm about China’s stranglehold on rare earths. Now with new investments and new operations at the Mountain Pass Mine in California, is it finally going to do something about it?

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The Daily Roundup

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The Cobalt Empire

China controls much of the world’s supply of cobalt, raising fears that the country enjoys an insurmountable edge in developing electric vehicles. But there is a race to innovate cobalt — and China — out...

The PLA’s Unlikely Wingman

AVIC, China’s aerospace behemoth, has been known to steal U.S. trade secrets. But it's also been allowed to buy them. After the 2008 financial crisis, AVIC went on a U.S. buying spree that some say...

The Samsung Sandwich

The Korean giant was one of the first multinationals to build a huge presence in China, pumping billions of dollars into the country and eventually dominating its smartphone market. Now, it’s closing factories in China....

Mr. China

Jerome A. Cohen pioneered the study of Chinese law in the United States. He met with Zhou Enlai, trained Chinese officials and helped American firms set up in China. Now, even at 90, he presses...

Broken Tooth’s BRI Bluff

A notorious ex-gangster is reportedly launching an illicit gambling project in Myanmar under the banner of the Belt and Road Initiative. What does that say about Beijing’s most important foreign policy initiative?

Ant Group’s Long March

Ant has been a force for financial inclusion. Regulator concerns must be weighed against the value that fintech innovations offer to society.

China’s Techno-Dictatorship

The ruling Communist Party has just offered signals on politics, technology and the economy. How will the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan shape China and the world?