The PLA’s Unlikely Wingman

AVIC, China’s aerospace behemoth, has been known to steal U.S. trade secrets. But it's also been allowed to buy them. After the 2008 financial crisis, AVIC went on a U.S. buying spree that some say allowed the PLA to quickly modernize. Others say it was good economics during America’s time of need. The messy reality may be a mixture of both.

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Hidden Talents

Now that Charles Lieber has been arrested, everyone has questions about his involvement in China's Thousand Talents Program — to include, perhaps, Lieber himself.

Inside Man

After a career spent currying favor with China's top leadership, is there still a U.S. audience for Robert L. Kuhn's message?

The Cobalt Empire

China controls much of the world’s supply of cobalt, raising fears that the country enjoys an insurmountable edge in developing electric vehicles. But there is a race to innovate cobalt — and China — out...

Neighborhood Watch

Books to understand the alliances and strategies that Asian nations form to deal with — or profit from — China’s growing clout.