The Red Capitalist

With his recent actions against Jack Ma and with measures to increase control of private firms, Xi Jinping has alarmed the corporate world. But the extraordinary life of Rong Yiren shows how the Communist Party has always sought to harness business for political ends.

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The Daily Roundup

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Mining’s Makeover

For more than a decade, the U.S. has been sounding the alarm about China’s stranglehold on rare earths. Now with new investments and new operations at the Mountain Pass Mine in California, is it finally...

Mr. China

Jerome A. Cohen pioneered the study of Chinese law in the United States. He met with Zhou Enlai, trained Chinese officials and helped American firms set up in China. Now, even at 90, he presses...

Broken Tooth’s BRI Bluff

A notorious ex-gangster is reportedly launching an illicit gambling project in Myanmar under the banner of the Belt and Road Initiative. What does that say about Beijing’s most important foreign policy initiative?

The Samsung Sandwich

The Korean giant was one of the first multinationals to build a huge presence in China, pumping billions of dollars into the country and eventually dominating its smartphone market. Now, it’s closing factories in China....

Goldman’s Big Bet

Nearly 17 years after setting up its joint venture in Beijing, Goldman Sachs is taking full control and — like Wall Street — doubling down in China.

The Industrial Dream

Beijing has invested heavily in COMAC’s C919, which is supposed to be China’s answer to the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320. If it takes off, so does China. But is the Chinese government’s heavy...

China’s Green Gambit

China’s ambitious climate pledges have drawn praise the world over. But China will demand a high price for its contributions.

The SMIC Smackdown

The U.S. just announced new sanctions on the Chinese semiconductor company, upping the ante on the ongoing tech battle between the two countries. Will China’s best hope for homegrown chips crack under the pressure?

VW’s New Dynasty?

The People’s Car is attempting to remake itself in the People’s Republic. With massive new investments, VW is doubling down on China’s electric vehicle market like no one else. But even with China’s thirst for...