The Climate Crusaders

John Kerry and Xie Zhenhua were brought out of retirement, in part, because they are seen as uniquely capable of getting the U.S. and China to cooperate on climate change. But when it comes to the world’s two biggest emitters, a rivalry might be just as useful.

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The Soul of Lu Xun

Those looking for China’s national spirit won’t find it in Xi Jinping’s writing. But the works of Lu Xun offer a homegrown example that contemporary Chinese can follow as the country writes a script for...

The Xinjiang Silence

The American business community is determined not to comment on the Chinese government’s systematic repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang — atrocities the U.S. government has deemed a genocide. But how long can their silence last?

The Yum Model

When one of the biggest fast food brands in the world spun off its China operations, naysayers warned it would miss out on massive growth potential. But the setup’s success since could serve as a...

Deep State, Inc.

Last year, a nixed deal between the Solomon Islands and Sam Group, a Chinese conglomerate, offered a rare window into how Chinese companies often work in tandem with, and sometimes on behalf of, Beijing.

China’s Own Goal

In 2015, Xi Jinping decided that soccer, the world’s most popular sport, would improve China’s fitness, both on and off the field. But in the wake of his reforms and ambitious goals, China’s ultra-wealthy have...

Weakening Links

LinkedIn is apparently being punished by Chinese internet regulators for not censoring aggressively enough — a particularly inopportune setback for the social media giant's parent company, Microsoft.

Jolly Gene Giant

Last April, as the world fell to Covid-19, one Chinese company was there to offer a helping hand: BGI. But the line between the biotech giant and Beijing is blurry, and experts say the importance...

Red Curaçao

Curaçao’s fledgling stock exchange intended to attract Latin American companies seeking to raise money from European investors. Instead, Chinese firms came.