Tesla’s China Endgame

For the past few years, observers have watched the China-Tesla love affair with a certain sense of foreboding: how much longer will Beijing allow Tesla to reign supreme? The answer, experts say, has less to do with EV sales — which Tesla is still dominating — and more to do with the coming advances in autonomous driving.

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Charged Up

The last time the U.S. government tried to foster domestic battery manufacturing, its star company ended up being scooped up by a Chinese conglomerate for a bargain basement price. Now, with an electric vehicle revolution...

The Climate Crusaders

John Kerry and Xie Zhenhua were brought out of retirement, in part, because they are seen as uniquely capable of getting the U.S. and China to cooperate on climate change. But when it comes to...

China’s Own Goal

In 2015, Xi Jinping decided that soccer, the world’s most popular sport, would improve China’s fitness, both on and off the field. But in the wake of his reforms and ambitious goals, China’s ultra-wealthy have...

The Soul of Lu Xun

Those looking for China’s national spirit won’t find it in Xi Jinping’s writing. But the works of Lu Xun offer a homegrown example that contemporary Chinese can follow as the country writes a script for...

Shots in the Dark

Leaders all across the world have expressed gratitude for China’s ‘vaccine diplomacy’ — especially as the U.S. has been far less forthcoming with its vaccines. But with so little known about the Chinese vaccines —...

Peddling the President

Elliott Broidy’s scheme to lobby the president on behalf of Beijing came uncomfortably close to succeeding. That he got as far as he did, experts say, exposes the gaps in the system.

Books for a Modern Rivalry

In an era when war is waged in terms of information more than direct attacks, having the right books on your shelf is a powerful protective arsenal.

The New Influencers

While the U.S. was focused on investigating Russian interference in U.S. politics, China was plotting its own campaign to influence the young Trump administration. With the help of Elliott Broidy, it got uncomfortably close. With...