Trust Games

The Chinese corporate bond market was designed for lending convenience, not the legal practicality of retrieving money. But with potential defaults by Suning and other reputable companies looming, that system is now being tested.

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The China Bull

Beijing's recent regulatory actions have erased over $1 trillion of market value from Chinese equities — a disruption that hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio refers to as mere "wiggles" in an otherwise strong economy. Indeed,...

Game Over

The guanxi game has defined China's modern business culture — and no one played it better than Xu Jiayin, the CEO of Evergrande. Now, however, the game seems to have changed on him.

Biotech’s Borders

Ever since being named a strategic priority in 2015, China’s biotech industry has shown remarkable progress. But in order to achieve their global ambitions, Chinese biotech companies still need one thing: the United States.

China's Shell Game

How China’s offshore companies are registered, and what purpose they serve, has long been misunderstood by analysts and economists. But documents in the Pandora Papers, the offshore documents that were released this weekend by the...

Stalled Dreams

When China loaned Ethiopia more than $2.5 billion to build a railway, it was cultivating a unique relationship in Africa that it hoped would unlock enormous economic potential. But now, with the debts unpaid and...

Family Values

In an excerpt from his new memoir, the exiled artist Ai Weiwei describes his father's first meeting with Mao Zedong — and how he came to inherit the famed poet's strong belief in the role...

The Corps of Xinjiang

Without understanding the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), it is impossible to understand modern day Xinjiang. Understanding the XPCC, however, is no small feat.