Inside Man

Robert L. Kuhn has spent 20 years currying favor with China's top leadership and using his remarkable access to explain the country to Americans. But now, as the relationship between the two countries deteriorates, is there still an audience for Kuhn's message?

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The Daily Roundup

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Burning Man

Steve Bannon was having a good summer aboard Guo Wengui's yacht. With the Trump administration seemingly listening, the political strategist and exiled Chinese billionaire smoked cigars as they poured fuel onto their anti-Chinese Communist Party fire....

L.A. Confidential

In March of 2013, L.A. City Councilman José Huizar flew to Las Vegas aboard Chinese billionaire Huang Wei's private jet, initiating an audacious pay-to-play scheme that included gambling, drinking, prostitutes and a nearly four-year-long F.B.I....

Hidden Talents

Ten years ago, Charles Lieber's groundbreaking work on nanotechnology made him a tantalizing recruit for a then-little known Chinese initiative. Now that the Harvard chemist has been arrested, everyone has questions about his involvement in...

China’s Global Treasure Map

Hedging against risks at home, China's elite rely on offshore havens to protect their wealth. And increasingly, analysts say, that includes places in the U.S. — like Sioux Falls, South Dakota.