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Rachel Cheung

Staff Writer


Rachel Cheung is a staff writer for The Wire China based in Hong Kong. She previously worked at VICE World News and South China Morning Post, where she won a SOPA Award for Excellence in Arts and Culture Reporting. Her work has appeared in The Washington PostLos Angeles TimesColumbia Journalism Review and The Atlantic, among other outlets.


Status Symbol

For much of the past two decades, Europe's luxury market has counted on the ferocious appetite of Chinese consumers to bolster its bottom line. But foreign luxury brands are facing a reckoning in China. Not only is China’s economy entering a more uncertain phase, giving consumers pause,...

Tone Deaf

Sixth Tone, a state-owned media outlet, has long been celebrated for carving out a unique space in China to tell stories about ordinary people. But over the past year, Beijing has tightened Sixth Tone's leash, illustrating how fearful censors have grown and marking the end...

Temu’s Take-off

Pinduoduo’s meteoric rise has taken other Chinese e-commerce titans by surprise. Now, with Temu, it is coming for the U.S. market. Can it continue to soar?

The Grand Experiment

Two decades after the social credit system was conceived, China is hardly any closer to creating an honest society or one where, as the government motto puts it, “the untrustworthy are unable to move a single step.” And yet, ironically, with the system now fizzling...