Status Symbol

For much of the past two decades, Europe's luxury market has counted on the ferocious appetite of Chinese consumers to bolster its bottom line. But foreign luxury brands are facing a reckoning in China. Not only is China’s economy entering a more uncertain phase, giving consumers pause, but homegrown designers and labels are also gaining ground. The questions now are which European brands can still rely on China, and how China's domestic designers can capture a share of the pie.


Face-Off: U.S. vs. China

A podcast about how the two nations,
once friends, are now foes.

Hear why things are so complicated now. Host Jane Perlez, former New York Times Beijing bureau chief, talks with diplomats, spies, cultural superstars like Yo Yo Ma, and more to understand why the dangers are so high, and why relations went awry.

BYD's Big Moment

BYD’s blink-and-you-miss-it expansion in the last three years has blindsided just about everyone. Today it is the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles, the second largest producer of EV batteries, and China’s best selling car...

Sarah Bianchi on Setting the Trade Agenda

The recently departed deputy U.S. trade representative discusses why the U.S. needs to be on high alert when dealing with China, and how the Biden administration's approach has differed from its predecessor.

The China Whisperer

John Garnaut is one of the men most responsible for the global shift in China policy. As a journalist and then Australian government official, he was early to argue that the West was misunderstanding China's...

The Czars Aligned

When Joe Biden took office, many of his supporters thought the first order of business would be unwinding Donald Trump's trade war with China. But his trade czar, Katherine Tai, has been largely MIA, a...

Crimes of Passion

The Chinese billionaire who pled guilty this week to illegally funneling money to New York politicians has a colorful business history in China, owning a notorious Beijing nightclub and amassing a media empire — all...