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Brent Crane


Special Delivery

The “super app” Meituan boasts a valuation of $180 billion, trailing only Alibaba and Tencent in the Chinese tech space. But with success and size has come scrutiny.

Tesla’s China Endgame

For the past few years, observers have watched the China-Tesla love affair with a certain sense of foreboding: how much longer will Beijing allow Tesla to reign supreme? The answer, experts say, has less to do with EV sales — which Tesla is still dominating...

Jolly Gene Giant

Last April, as the world fell to Covid-19, one Chinese company was there to offer a helping hand: BGI. But the line between the biotech giant and Beijing is blurry, and experts say the importance of protecting one’s genetic data, which has been called “the...

The SMIC Smackdown

The U.S. just announced new sanctions on the Chinese semiconductor company, upping the ante on the ongoing tech battle between the two countries. Will China’s best hope for homegrown chips crack under the pressure?

Mining’s Makeover

For more than a decade, the U.S. has been sounding the alarm about China’s stranglehold on rare earths. Now with new investments and new operations at the Mountain Pass Mine in California, is it finally going to do something about it?