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The Cobalt Empire

China controls much of the world’s supply of cobalt, raising fears that the country enjoys an insurmountable edge in developing electric vehicles. But there is...

Inside Man

After a career spent currying favor with China's top leadership, is there still a U.S. audience for Robert L. Kuhn's message?

Hidden Talents

Now that Charles Lieber has been arrested, everyone has questions about his involvement in China's Thousand Talents Program — to include, perhaps, Lieber himself.

L.A. Confidential

How a group of Chinese developers found a City Councilman, made over L.A.'s downtown, and caused the city's biggest corruption scandal in decades.

Burning Man

Steve Bannon was having a good summer aboard Guo Wengui's yacht, torching the CCP. Now both men are feeling the heat.

The Dragon Has Landed

With its recent high-profile Mars mission, China showed the world just how far its ambitious space program has come. Now, with growing U.S. concerns about...