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China’s Shell Game

How China’s offshore companies are registered, and what purpose they serve, has long been misunderstood by analysts and economists. But documents in the Pandora Papers,...

Italy’s Drone Drama

In 2018, an Italian drone company was 'secretly' sold to two Chinese state-owned enterprises. But how much of a secret was it really?

Package Deal

For years, Amazon recruited Chinese sellers aggressively, profiting handsomely from the surge in product offerings and low prices. But many Chinese sellers' bad practices —...

The Boom-Bust Backlash

From the scandal of Luckin Coffee to the collapse of Didi, big names have dominated the discussion of Chinese companies listing on U.S. exchanges. Now,...

Special Delivery

The “super app” Meituan boasts a valuation of $180 billion, trailing only Alibaba and Tencent in the Chinese tech space. But with success and size...

Anta Goes All In On China

With a market value of nearly $65 billion, Anta is the third most valuable sportswear company in the world, trailing only Nike and Adidas.

Marketing Games

With the Beijing Games around the corner, more Chinese companies are sponsoring the Olympics than ever before, and are paying record sums to do so.