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Katrina Northrop

Katrina Northrop

Staff Writer



The Corps of Xinjiang

Without understanding the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), it is impossible to understand modern day Xinjiang. Understanding the XPCC, however, is no small feat. 

Game Over

The guanxi game has defined China's modern business culture — and no one played it better than Xu Jiayin, the CEO of Evergrande. Now, however, the game seems to have changed on him.

The Boom-Bust Backlash

From the scandal of Luckin Coffee to the collapse of Didi, big names have dominated the discussion of Chinese companies listing on U.S. exchanges. Now, some analysts say it’s time to look more closely at the wild stock movements of several small cap Chinese companies...

Facebook’s Super Spreaders

China provides a large chunk of Facebook’s revenue and its state media outlets are some of the platform’s most popular accounts — even though Facebook isn’t allowed inside China’s borders. What message is Beijing trying to send?

Hemmed In

Marjorie Yang has staked much of her textile empire on being socially responsible, and yet her firm, Esquel Group, ended up on the Entity List. Has the U.S. government gone too far by sanctioning Esquel Group? Or does the listing further support the idea that...