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Katrina Northrop

Katrina Northrop

Staff Writer



The Surveillance Stake

For years, a Chinese company backed by American pension fund money and built by KKR, one of world's premier private equity firms, publicly touted its ties to China's surveillance apparatus. A new investigation by Katrina Northrop into Cue Group, one of KKR's 16 portfolio companies...

Open Source

With traditional information gathering inside China nearly impossible these days, many researchers are using creative methods to mine the Chinese internet — and they're finding diamonds. From what's happening in Xinjiang to the PLA's use of AI to China's new nuclear capabilities, these researchers are...

Biden’s Beijing Bind

When Joe Biden entered office, many China watchers expected great things: the foreign policy veteran had a deep history with Xi Jinping, and he fielded an all-star team of advisors with a very clear view of China. But, almost a full year later, criticism of...

The Corps of Xinjiang

Without understanding the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), it is impossible to understand modern day Xinjiang. Understanding the XPCC, however, is no small feat. 

Game Over

The guanxi game has defined China's modern business culture — and no one played it better than Xu Jiayin, the CEO of Evergrande. Now, however, the game seems to have changed on him.