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Katrina Northrop

Katrina Northrop

Staff Writer



The Bridge Builder

As the U.S. government doubles down on its tech competition with China, it needs people like Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, to help inform policy. But how much influence for someone like Schmidt, a private individual armed with billions of dollars and extensive...

Born to Run

After capitalizing on China's crypto boom, Binance CEO "CZ" fled China just in the nick of time. But critics say he's been running ever since, "jurisdiction hopping" as authorities around the world are trying to pin down the $92 billion crypto exchange. Katrina Northrop investigates...

The Chip Champion?

Determined to keep China locked out of the chip supply chain, the U.S. government is doubling down on efforts to reshore advanced semiconductor manufacturing. But its only homegrown shot to do so, Intel, has fallen behind in recent years. The company is now reinventing itself,...