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Katrina Northrop

Katrina Northrop

Staff Writer



The Consultant Crackdown

At first glance, the recent raid on Capvision, a Shanghai consultancy, looks similar to the raids on foreign firms Mintz Group and Bain & Company. But there are reasons to separate Beijing's crackdown on Capvision. For starters, Capvision is Chinese and its shareholders and investors...

The Sanctions Sieve

The U.S. government is trying to stop China from selling chips to Russia that aid its war effort. It’s failing. A new investigation by The Wire highlights the whack-a-mole nature of one of the most expansive sanctions regimes ever attempted by the U.S. government.

Tesla Tom

Tom Zhu accomplished Herculean tasks in China for Tesla, including building the company's supercharger network and its Shanghai Gigafactory, which produces more than 80,000 cars a month. But now that Zhu has been promoted to oversee Tesla's U.S. plants as well — making him the...