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Katrina Northrop

Katrina Northrop

Staff Writer



Tesla Tom

Tom Zhu accomplished Herculean tasks in China for Tesla, including building the company's supercharger network and its Shanghai Gigafactory, which produces more than 80,000 cars a month. But now that Zhu has been promoted to oversee Tesla's U.S. plants as well — making him the...

Patriot Games

Did Eric Dai expose a Chinese scheme to steal critical military technology? Or did he steal millions of dollars from a Chinese company by exploiting geopolitical tensions? It's not entirely clear, but Dai's saga hits all the high notes of current U.S.-China tensions, including convoluted...

The Last of the Reformers?

Wang Qishan, China's vice president, was once one of Xi Jinping's closest deputies. But with multiple people in Wang's orbit recently imprisoned or investigated, many think the revered champion of economic reforms has been sidelined. With no obvious successor, the U.S. business community — long...

The Brothers He

A decade ago, Wynn Resorts did a $50 million deal in Macau with two men no one had heard of: Ho Ho and Ho Hoi. For the first time, The Wire is confirming that these were aliases for two brothers from an elite Beijing military...