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Anastasiia Carrier

Staff Writer


Anastasiia Carrier is a New York-based journalist. Her work has been published in POLITICO Magazine, Harvard’s Radcliffe Magazine and The Brooklyn Eagle. She earned her Master’s degree in Journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. @carrierana22


The Quantum Edge

Quantum technologies have long sounded like they belong in the realm of science fiction. But in recent years, China, led by the brilliant physicist Pan Jianwei, has made huge quantum strides. Now, recent U.S. sanctions targeting Chinese quantum companies underscore the reality that these technologies...

Who’s the Boss?

NYU Shanghai represented a huge experiment: Could an American university really maintain control in an authoritarian country? The answer a decade ago was an optimistic 'yes.' But a new lawsuit has exposed some of the tensions — and limitations — of American universities operating in...

Trust Games

The Chinese corporate bond market was designed for lending convenience, not the legal practicality of retrieving money. But with potential defaults by Suning and other reputable companies looming, that system is now being tested.

Biotech’s Borders

Ever since being named a strategic priority in 2015, China’s biotech industry has shown remarkable progress. But in order to achieve their global ambitions, Chinese biotech companies still need one thing: the United States.

Package Deal

For years, Amazon recruited Chinese sellers aggressively, profiting handsomely from the surge in product offerings and low prices. But many Chinese sellers' bad practices — from selling counterfeits to manipulating reviews — now have the e-commerce giant on the defensive.