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Isabella Borshoff

Staff Writer


Isabella Borshoff is a staff writer based in London. Previously, she worked as a climate policy adviser in Australia’s federal public service. She earned her Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Her writing has been published in POLITICO Europe.


Seed Savior?

Agribusiness giant Syngenta is unique on the world stage: it is a state-owned Chinese firm with an American CEO. After ChemChina's historic purchase of the company in 2017 — the largest ever purchase by a Chinese company overseas — Syngenta is now ready for its...

China’s Bot Boom

China became “the world’s factory” in large part due to its demographics: a tidal wave of young, hungry workers drove growth by churning out low value goods. But between rapidly changing demographics and rising wages, those days are over. For China to maintain its reputation...

Iron Promise

Iron ore is an unassuming rock, but it's processed into steel, the scaffolding of the modern world. China has long been reliant on Australia for this critical natural resource — a reliance that has never been comfortable, but was made even worse by the recent deterioration...

Friedland’s Revenge

Robert Friedland says the renewable energy transition won’t be achieved without people like him digging up the critical metals needed “to electrify the world economy.” He might be right, but his decision to team up with some of China's biggest players to dig up copper...