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The Corps of Xinjiang

Without understanding the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), it is impossible to understand modern day Xinjiang. Understanding the XPCC, however, is no small feat. 

Fishy Business

China is one of the leading destinations for freshly-caught U.S. fish, which are then processed and sent back to America.

The Lithium Liability

As policymakers and business leaders in both the U.S. and China rev up electric-vehicle production, they find themselves reliant on the insecure supply of a...

Hemmed In

Marjorie Yang has staked much of her textile empire on being socially responsible, and yet her firm, Esquel Group, ended up on the Entity List....

How to Win the Chip Wars

The U.S. continues to have enormous advantages in many critical technology sectors, and China’s system is plenty capable of self-inflicted wounds.