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The China Files: SenseTime is the first in a series of downloadable news products about Chinese companies that we'll be releasing over the coming weeks.

To understand any company, you need not just an overview of the company and its revenue, executives and market value, you need a set of interesting and often hard-to-find documents and news stories, preferably organized in chronological order, to tell you about the company's evolution or development. These are the building blocks of understanding for any analyst, lawyer, executive or journalist.

What we've done at The Wire is curate this 'China File' archive for you, in an easily accessible PDF format, with hyperlinks to the original source material. 

Inside you'll find our best open-source research on a company. We include corporate registration documents, public filings, presentations, academic papers, patents, press releases, social media, and court documents. Where relevant, we'll also insert material from our own archives, documents gathered by reporters at The Wire.  

There's some real gems in our SenseTime release: the full text of Malaysia's BRI MOU with SenseTime and G3 Global, SenseTime's strategic partnerships with chip firms like NVIDIA and Mellanox, and SenseTime's work with public security bureaus and prisons in China. We also have included a sprinkling of news for readers to contextualize our research. 

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